Pictures Don’t Lie

Security starts with a plan, and that is exactly what people are picking up on. We are or should be planning to protect and thus help ourselves, because no one else will. Those who remain unconvinced that this is their problem are the next victims. We simply have to make the risk too high for criminals to succeed.

CCTV systems offer unequivical, hard evidence, because pictures don’t lie.

Video surveillance systems are becoming more and more appealing for various reasons. People can now use handheld computer/mobile devices to view their cameras from anywhere in the world at any time. Both commercial and residential markets are moving ahead rapidly in an effort to secure their homestead. Is it any wonder why?

The value of a picture or a series of pictures (video) has become far more than just a deterrent. People are beginning to protect themselves, families, and employees not to mention their money, property and insurance rates by way of technology that, yes, cuts both ways.

Consider this:

An employee at a business captures photos of inventory using a mobile device. Moments later, those items post “for sale” on eBay (or countless other sites) and are bought before they are even stolen by the employee.

The threat to an unsuspecting business community from inside and out is immeasurable. The cost to the greater economy of the massive looting of the businesses in this country must be countered if our economic system is to survive.

Consider this:

In uncertain economic times, desperation helps those on the edge fall into the abyss, causing some people who held high moral standards to go into survival mode. Some are arguing crimes as “crimes of necessity”.

Consider this:

Crimes in and around our homes are another concern that has reached its highest level. With more of our young children being left in the care of others, parents deal with fear that theirs is not the next nightmare. These are legitimate concerns that require innovative solutions without delay.

We can’t look to the  government and our neighbors and friends for help; they have the same issues.  The police and our entire justice system are more dependent than ever on the public to do what is prudent and affordable to help them help us. Working together has never meant more.

The business community is starting to get it. They are beginning to understand that their dreams of owning a business depend on their ability to “weave a fabric” that covers their communities, which starts with a plan.

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