What the iPad 2 Means for Camera Surveillance Remote Viewing

The iPad 2 will bring a sleeker body and a faster processor to its users. For clients who are using apple devices to view cameras in their homes or businesses, this means faster launching and navigation. Additionally, the screen is powered by LED backlight display allowing for a significantly longer battery life.  The application itself (DVR viewer), used in live remote viewing, will gain the most advancement when the industry migrates from 3g speed to 4g speed. The new speed will allow for faster and more fluid live images.The 4g should be launched within the next couple of months.

Although the iPad 2 offers some attractive new features, the enhancement to 4g may be more exciting to some users. All iPads will be upgradable as the 4g service is released. If streaming video, including live camera viewing or any other video watching is one of your primary operations on your iPad, 4g service will offer dramatic, noticeable benefits related to speed.

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