The Surveillance System’s Role in the Medford Pharmacy Shooting: From the owner of CCTV Services, Inc.

CCTV Surveillance can act as a deterrent in a few situations
such as employee theft, employee productivity, and/or home burglaries. Even
still, however, most people will commit a crime right in front of cameras. For most
crimes, the main functions of cameras are not to deter, but to provide the
clear-cut evidence to law enforcement that is needed to bring criminals to
justice. It is the facts available on the DVR that counts, not merely the
presence of cameras themselves that result in those committing crimes being
removed from society quickly enough to save lives.

The recent massacre in the Medford Pharmacy, which took
four lives and destroyed many others, is a horrific reminder that people
capable of cold-blooded murder are simply not thinking about the consequences at
the time of their desperate acts.

It could be said that these people want to get caught, as many apprehended criminals admit after the fact. It is true people have a tendency not to pay attention to anything above eye level. Whatever the reason, cameras do not deter crimes; including
criminals having their fifteen minutes of fame. The damage and pain are done,
and yes, surveillance systems are the quickest most formidable means to remove
the threat of a repeat action of any criminal, anywhere.

Obviously, every right-minded person believes
this person should not be left on the street a moment longer than necessary.
The images we see in the media and many more were available to the police
instantly after the crime, and through his loose disguise, this man’s
identity is not a mystery to the authorities. It took a responsible business
owner and a company specializing in providing an invaluable service to do what
should be done to protect the community; that is, helping to eliminate the future
threat of an unexplainable situation.

Within hours of releasing pictures from the surveillance video, police were
contacted with hundreds of tips leading to a possible identification of the suspect. Although there has not been an official identification, police are confident that they will get everything they need from what they called “high quality video and crystal clear images.”  The gunman’s picture is plastered all over the Internet. If we don’t plan ahead to deal with a tragedy like this, do we not promote the next one?

Finally, closure may become possible for the families and
the greater community with time. As this cold-blooded killer is brought to justice,
killed, or takes his own life, he will realize the magnitude of his actions
that occurred on Father’s Day, 2011. Undoubtedly, the evidence that the
surveillance provided will bring a swift end to this killer’s reign of terror.

As the author of this blog and 1999 founder of a company, which is the Northeast industry leader of placement and service of surveillance security camera systems, My family and I
remain driven to innovate and help others live in a safer society through our hard work and dedication.

Our prayers go out to the families of this tragedy and especially our clients and member of our extended family, Vinny, the owner of Haven Drugs who had the foresight to plan for such an event. CCTV Services, Inc. stands by all its surveillance video and is confident that this brutal killer will be brought to justice.

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