Gunman Arrested in Medford Pharmacy Shootings

The torturing few days of uncertainty has come to a close on the brutal killing of four innocent people in the Medford pharmacy shooting. Police confirmed that David Laffer, 33, a Medford resident is in their custody.

We, at CCTV Services, Inc. sincerely hope that the families of the victims can find some peace of mind knowing that this heartless criminal is off the streets and will serve justice.

As for our client, Haven Drugs, we are proud to have assisted in the fast apprehension of a mass murderer without an eyewitness. The diligence and concern that Mr. Vinada Kudchadkar has shown for his employees, neighbors, and customers should not be left unnoticed.

For the community,  our hearts go out to everyone who was directly affected  by this tragedy.

We  stand behind all of our customers just as we did with Haven Drugs, and are determined to continue to enhance the security wherever threat exists.

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