Surveillance Video Leads to Arrest of Levi Aaron

Levi Aron, 35, of Brooklyn was arrested yesterday for the abduction and horrific killing of eight year old Leiby Kletzky. The Hasidic schoolboy was abducted on his walk home from camp on Monday and was reported missing by his family.

Surveillance footage reportedly led police to key evidence in the killing. One video shows the lost boy approaching Aron for directions. Days later, some of  Kletzky’s remains were found chopped up in Aron’s freezer. Police also found a cutting board with three bloody butcher knives in Aron’s Kensington apartment.  Kletzky’s other dismembered remains were found bagged in a suitcase sitting in a trash can in Sunset Park.

Officials believe Aron panicked and killed the boy after he learned
that the community was on an indomitable search for Kletzky. Police say Aron
showed them to the boys remains without hesitation when they showed up at his

The response of the community was heartening, but equally destroying, as the brutal killer was a part of the community both geographically and religiously.

Yaakov German, a man unknown to the Kletzky family and determined to find the boy, had much to do with the horrific findings. The Daily News reports how German scrutinized various surveillance videos to find answers that would soon lead to the arrest of Aron:

Yaakov German viewed security footage from Yeshiva Boyan,
the camp Kletzky attended the day he went missing.
Kletzky was seen leaving the school at 4:50 pm.

German then looked for surveillance video from the blocks that Kletzky would have
walked to meet his mother. The boy, however, was not seen on CCTV video from The Children’s Place on 13th Avenue, which led German to believe Kletzky missed his turn onto 13th Avenue.

German viewed surveillance of Kletzky walking outside a hardware store and a school,
which assured German that the boy must have kept going straight on 44th street.

German viewed surveillance footage from Tristate Fleet at the end of 44th
Street where Kletzky and Aron were seen together. The video also showed Aron entering and exiting a dentist office.

The dentist office was asked by officials to give them Aron’s name and address.

See video below:

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