‘Leiby’s Initiative’ Proposes Tax Credit for Installation of Surveillance

In response to the kidnapping and brutal killing of Leiby Kletzky, Councilman David Greenfield (D-Borough) proposed the “Leiby Initiative,” which would offer a $500 tax credit for business owners and homeowners who install and maintain surveillance systems.

Officials say surveillance video from businesses on the
blocks where Leiby was lost, is what led to the arrest of Levi Aron; However, had there been more cameras in the neighborhood, Kletzky may have been found much sooner.

Assemblyman Pete Abbate reportedly stated: This legislation is about saving lives. Assemblyman Hikind and I saw firsthand how important closed circuit video was to finding the man who abducted Leiby Kletzky. Now, by providing an incentive for property owners to have surveillance cameras, we hope to ensure that in the event of future kidnappings, the authorities can quickly locate and save the victim. We cannot bring Leiby back, but we must do everything possible to ensure that no other children suffer as he did. As legislators, our primary obligation is to the protection of our community, and I am proud to join Assemblyman Hikind in fighting to ensure that New York City stays vigilant and is always safe for our children.”

Community residents support the proposed bill and desperately hope
it will contribute to a safer community and help law enforcement catch
criminals and save victims before it’s too late.

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