Surveillance Leads Missing Baby’s Mother to Admit she was Drunk





After surveillance video was released, Deborah Bradley admits she was drunk when her 10-month-old baby disappeared.  The video shows Bradley purchasing boxed wine and baby supplies shortly before the baby’s disappearance.

Bradley confessed to drinking “enough to be drunk” that night, which prompted officials to question if she may have done harm to her own child while she was intoxicated. Bradley rejects the possibility and stresses fear that if she were arrested, the search for her baby would stop.

Bradley’s inconsistent information has left many people questioning her words. Bradley first mentioned that the last time she saw her daughter was at 10:30 p.m. the night of her disappearance. More recently, the mother states that she last saw her daughter at 6:40 p.m. There was no mention of alcohol until surveillance video was released.

Bradley also recently admitted that she failed a police-administered lie-detector test when asked if she knew where the baby was.

Irwin, the baby’s father, worked his first night-shift as an electrician the night of baby Lisa’s disappearance.  He reported that when returned home at 4 a.m., he found the lights on, the front door unlocked, and a jammed up window screen.

Bradley and Irwin have declined investigators’ requests to conduct another interview with baby Lisa’s half-siblings, who were home during the time of the her disappearance.

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