Surveillance Catches Sexual Assault in East Village Apartment Building

After several reviews of CCTV Services, Inc. surveillance video, police released this image of a man who attempted to sexually assault a 27-year old woman in her East Village apartment building.

The woman, yelled, screamed, and kicked her way out of the assault before the man ran away. The perpetrator, who appears to be in his late 20’s and wearing a hooded jacket, was seen in the video lurking outside the front door of the apartment building. He watched the victim walk in and slyly made his way in after her.

New York Post released these words from the victim:

“It must have not slammed behind me,” she said of the doors.

“I didn’t notice him until I walked into my building and I
was in the hallway and I started walking faster,: up to the first landing on
the staircase, she said.

“Then I felt his hands on me, and I started screaming.”

“He lifted my skirt,” she said. “As soon as I felt that, I
spun around kicking and screaming.”

The pervert ran off.

The victim was unable to identify the attacker from mug
shots, but is relieved that police were able to identify him on surveillance
and provide a crystal clear image of the man’s face to the public.

Officials are asking anyone with any information to contact NYPD Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS

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