CCTV Services’ Cameras Catch Man Setting Woman on Fire in Elevator

Police have arrested Jerome Isaac for the shocking murder of 73-year old Deloris Gillepsie.  The horrific event was caught on several of our cameras, which showed Issac spraying Gillepsie with a flammable liquid and lighting her on fire in an elevator in the Prospect Height’s apartment building where she resided.

The 47-year old man went into a police station and implicated himself in the murder of Gillespie. He told police that he did it because Gillepsie owed him $2000 for work that he had done for her.  He was arrested Sunday on murder and arson charges.

The surveillance images captured the entire event, and police released some of the still images to the public on Sunday. The video, however, was much too gruesome to make public.

The quality of the images would have left Issac with little to no chance of dodging a swift arrest. Turning himself in may have just avoided the wait of the inevitable.

We have seen all sorts of crimes committed in apartment buildings, including rapes, acts of arson, and burglaries. This, however, was one of the top most horrid incidents caught on our cameras. Crimes like this reinforce our efforts in encouraging business owners to choose thorough camera coverage in their businesses.

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