Gothamist Goofs! Gramercy Park Groper Likely Developmentally Disabled

In its haste, snarky Gothamist columnist, Jen Chung, dubbed him the “portly pervert,” and called him, “gross.” Turns out, 54-year-old Kerry Abrams, accused of groping an 11-year-old girl at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Gramercy Park, is likely developmentally disabled. In a report by @PatrickHedlund, Abrams lives in a residence operated by Lifespire, an organization that provides assisted living services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

And while Abrams’ outward appearance lends itself to something we might imagine coming straight out of central casting, it’s possible that Abrams looks the way he does because he lacks the high degree of self-awareness commonly exhibited by typical males his age; not because he’s a groper. Absent certain inhibitions, his actions, while causing the rest of us to reel in horror and outrage (and Snark), could be purely impulse driven, without filters, and committed without a real sense of what type of consequences lie in store for himself, or the victim as a result of those actions.  

In an age when news cycles travel at 4G speeds, where opinions and ideas permeate consciousness on-demand, flitting through our thought-stream in the form of Tweets, Likes, and Pins, the uncorrected record remains a permanent one, a piece of digital graffiti slung up on some cold, white slice of web space void of context, a type of ugly journalism, where accuracy continues taking a back seat to accusation. 

With that in mind…..

Have you seen this greasy reptile? He’s a rapist.

His image, captured in all its clarity by surveillance cameras monitored by CCTV Services Inc., is a picture of him lurking outside of an apartment building in the E. Village minutes before sexually assaulting a woman he followed into the dwelling.

Look at it

“Like” it

Add it

Tweet it

Re-blog it and reward this reprobate with the attention he deserves.

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