Customer Reviews for CCTV Services Inc.

The positive reviews keep coming!

On loss prevention: The System that Pays for Itself

We would like to thank the professionals at CCTV services for assisting us with our security needs. As an owner of office supplies distributor in NYC, we have a lot of shipments coming and going. It is reassuring to know that any fraudulent activities can be viewed and captured as evidence if and when needed. Prior to these security cameras being installed we were victims of petty theft on an ongoing basis which added up over time to way more than the system costs. Having the system allows us to know when something happens, we can go back and review the situation. This allows us to assess actions needed to deal with the specific set of circumstances we are viewing. No longer do we have to rely on stories told to us by employees or vendors’ employees about questionable activities.


Geoff R. Automation Graphics

Thanks Geoff!

Here’s another…..this one’s from Roman at Snakejam Recording Studios in Manhattan.

The Benefits of 24/7 Monitoring on the Go:

After I had a box of microphones stolen I decided to contact CCTV Services. They outfitted me with a system allowing me to view all my studio rooms 24/7, anywhere I go. The I-phone software they installed for me allows this. I would have to say though, the greatest part of this installation was the customer support. George took time to walk me through a stable install of everything. Actually… he did it all! I did nothing. He was able to do it from his office, on my system! That was freaky! And the on site install of the cameras and system took their tech less than 2 hours. Really professional.

I had flirted with the idea of getting a cheaper “all in one system”

… MAN am I glad I did not. I have seen those, and the cameras really are junk. CCTV Services cameras are the best you can use. the infa-red is remarkable. I can easily make out a face, from far across the room, in complete darkness, on my Iphone!

I am also too busy to be setting up systems. I have work to do. These guys did it all for me. Thanks again guys.

I am thinking about putting the same system in my apartment guys. Talk later

Peace & Music,


So glad you’re impressed with our “freaky-cool” services Roman!


Expertly Installed

Professionally Maintained

Quality Equipment

Always gets results



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