Praying for Justice

Babies do it, dogs do it, Ga-Ga does it. It can be done by yourself, done with friends, done under water, or up in the air-even Abraham Lincoln did it in his famous, “Lincoln in Mid-Tebow while Seated.”

As fresh rounds of the Internet meme called, “Tebowing,” hit the web again, New Yorkers, frenzied by the arrival of His Holiness (no, not that one), are rejuvenating the trend, and taking a collective knee before the altar of Pinterest, and sites like, and praying that theirs is the next picture to get picked up, viewed by millions, and launched into the annals of viral infamy.

And while Tebowing with Tebow is the ultimate prize, what does Tim Tebow pray for when he’s…well….Tebowing?

“Missed tackles and completed blocks,” say the boys over at Freakonomics, attributing Tebow’s six miraculous fourth quarter victories in only 11 starts to, “Timing, luck, faith and timing.”

Whatever it is, striking “The Pose” is a great way for the average citizen to get themselves seen by thousands, if not millions of people via the Internet. But, on this blog, we specialize in giving those individuals who DON’T want any publicity a platform to showcase their skills.

Take Skittles and Ice-Tea here shimmying down through the drop ceiling of a Long Island liquor store, and robbing it; note the hoodies obscuring their identity. For each surveillance video featured on this blog resulting in an arrest, I pledge to Tebow at the arraignment.

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