CCTV Services in the News

When something as important as identifying a potential rapist is in the offing, fuzzy doesn’t get it done. In footage the New York Post calls, “Crystal clear,” it was the images captured by CCTV Services that lead to the eventual arrest of attempted rapist, Imres Meszesan. Picked up as a national story, the Huffington Post tells its readers that, “the 35-year-old suspect can be *clearly* seen waiting outside of the victim’s First Avenue apartment.”

Looks like the press just summed up CCTV Services Inc. in two words: Crystal & Clear

Along with a set of matching fingerprints, and the thousands of pills police discovered in his home, the most damning evidence against David Laffer, the madman behind the Haven Pharmacy Father’s Day Massacre, was the surveillance video; images, expertly captured by CCTV Services Inc. Igniting waves of legislative proposals, and sparking national debate over America’s new drug culture, it’s the images, in all of their brutal clarity, that helped police bring this tragedy to an end with an arrest.

For more on this, check us out in this story published in The Washington Post

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