Atlantic City Carjacking Suspect Flees from Cops Gets Struck by Oncoming Traffic

CCTV Services Technician Witnesses All!

Taking a puff from his cigarette, Antonio Soriano swiveled his head around the parking lot, exhaled and thought to himself, “It’s quiet out here.”

Seconds later, a police car prowled past him. He followed it around the building, and suddenly, the stillness and the quiet from a moment ago, unexpectedly erupted into a cacophony of screeching tires and sirens.

An Installation Technician for CCTV Services Inc., Soriano was on assignment installing security cameras in Absecon N.J., for the Comfort Inn Hotel. Unknown to him, a manhunt for an armed carjacking suspect evading capture was under way and law enforcement’s search had led them right to where Soriano was working.

“And just as I’m getting around to the other side of the building, things explode into chaos!” he said. “There was like, 30 cops there-they just flooded the place-jumping out of their cars, shotguns cocked, lights flashing, everyone yelling, ‘Freeze! Freeze!’ just total chaos!”

Not wanting to get in the way, Soriano ducked back into the hotel, watching events unfold from a safer vantage point.

“The guy wasn’t coming out of his car at first,” said Soriano about the suspect, “and then, he just took off, took off running, through the marsh and across the road, until they just chased him down,” he added.

The suspect, whose identity has not yet been released, ran into oncoming traffic on Route 30, and after being struck by a moving car, went, “flying into the air,” said police. The handgun the suspect allegedly used in the carjacking was not found at the scene.

“First, I want to say that I’m glad for Antonio and his family that he managed to stay safe during the whole unsettling episode,” said Tom, Owner of CCTV Services Inc. “Antonio is a valued employee, and for someone who spends most of his time installing cameras, he came across like a real pro in front of one, and everyone back here at the office is real proud of the way he handled himself (not to mention the way he got NBC 40 in N.J. to shoot some B-roll of our van for the story!).

“But, it wasn’t what Antonio said on the air to the reporter that was the most impressive.”

“I told the reporter that, ‘too bad this didn’t happen next week; you could have just checked the video recording from the system I’m setting up and seen everything.'”

Pivoting right back to the subject of work, Antonio is a master installer who knows that a system put in place and backed up by CCTV Services Inc. is going to do just that, “See Everything.”

“I just had a guy come up to me last week and ask if we were the same company that helped catch that drug addict who shot up the Medford Pharmacy,” said Soriano proudly.

“I told him, ‘yep, that was us.'”

So, if you are in the market for a security system, and you want someone as professional, alert, and conscientious as Antonio to install it, contact CCTV Services Inc. and get the high-grade video quality The New York Post calls, “Crystal Clear,” for all of your surveillance needs.


Expertly Installed

Professionally Maintained

Quality Equipment

Always Gets Results

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