For your Eyes Only

Chords of barbed wire wet with blood uncoil across a maze of ditches,
berms, and the dead. The earth swells with up-ended fence posts
sharpened to a lethal point.

You scoop up another mouthful of popcorn.

There is fog, there is mud, the dead are
grey, their unblinking eyes glow like moons. Embers stir ceaselessly
beneath piles of ashes, threatening to ignite.  

The hair on the back of your neck raises.

Knotted around some type of animal, the barbed wire jingles; there’s a horse, and he’s trapped in a nest of the stuff. His giant egg-shaped eyes are white with fear, you see a soldier’s face reflected in a fly spotted puddle……he has a pair of cutters in his hand.

You take a deep breath.

The horse flails, the metal thorns digging deeper into his flesh. The soldier snips a piece, and then another….

You hold your breath.

You can see flakes of dried blood mixed with dirt in the creases of his knuckles and the grit under his nails as he grips the cutters, carefully selecting which strand to lop off next. The horse snorts, a ring of vapor mingles in the dusty air and fades with the passing of a searchlight’s strobe. Snip, Snip go the cutters, the wire twangs, the tension pops, the horse springs to his feet, and is finally set free.


You’ve just seen the Oscar nominated film, “Warhorse,” in HD, and thanks to that brand new HDTV, it was an absolute VISUAL FEAST. 

Whether it’s, “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel, “Warhorse,”or the latest episode of AMC’s, “Mad Men,” we all love our HDTV’s and the power they have to transform even the dullest programming into an eye-popping orgy of color and intense imagery.   

Now, why not expect those same definitive results you get at home with Hi-Def from your CCTV systems provider at your place of business, where it counts? With CCTV Services Inc. you can always expect the best.

CCTV Services Inc. Delivers

Always abreast of the latest technological advances, CCTV Services Inc. is now offering you all of the benefits of security camera images and recordings in ACTUAL 1080P HIGH DEFINITION! 

In an industry where detail is paramount, where those sensitive areas of your home or business require that images are as clear as your Hi-Def TV, CCTV Services Inc. can add SERIAL DIGITAL INTERFACE (SDI) DVR board/s, and SDI cameras to your current HD DVR. And, if you haven’t yet upgraded to our HD DVR, you can still benefit from this breakout technology by simply adding a separate full HD system (in 4, 8, 12, or 16 camera increments) or just upgrade to our 16 or 32 channel HD DVR.

Using your preexisting, standard coax cabling, our Mega-pixel DIGITAL CAMERAS can easily be joined to the same, intuitive DVR software you already know and love. There are no licensing fees, and no prior IT knowledge required.

As an interim step along the pathway to a FULL HD upgrade, our regular HD DVR is also fully compatible with the newest high-resolution HD analog cameras and HD monitors.  

Trade-in rebates available for most equipment, so call today to discuss all of your Hi Def security video needs: 1.631.427.0950

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