Stabbing Victim’s Death Caught on Camera

Weeks after a grand jury opted out of indicting 35 year-old Redinel Dervishaj in the stabbing death of Antonio Lacertosa, two surveillance videos of the incident surfaced on the web showing a hobbled Lacertosa collapsing on a Staten Island sidewalk to his death just seconds after getting knifed.

Recently engaged, Lacertosa was outside of Espana restaurant in Annadale celebrating with friends when restaurant manager Ridi Zeneli and Dervishaj pulled up and approached them. Soon after, a melee ensued; Dervishaj fled down an alley with Lacertosa and four others in pursuit. The stabbing occurs off camera and moments later, Lacertosa re-enters the frame, untrussing the flaps of his jacket open to inspect his wounds. Panicked friends, realizing the extent of Lacertosa’s injuries, attempt to carry his limp body to a waiting vehicle in the street before placing him back down on the ground as police arrive.

Hat Tip SI Live for full story.

*WARNING: Graphic Images

Part I

Part II

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