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The Pioneer to The Falls

When the battered body of graduate student Imette St. Guillen turned up in a ditch on Fountain Ave. in Brooklyn N.Y. back in 2006, one of the first steps police took to recreate the events leading up to her death, … Continue reading

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The Unsuspecting Suspect

Check out the strut on this street savvy thug. Unaware he’s being filmed, his image on the verge of going viral, this unsuspecting suspect trots off into the New York night, unthinking, uncaring, but ultimately undone. Shortly after a street … Continue reading

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Shocking Surveillance!

 Jolted from his spackle bucket, this zilch gets zapped trying to boost a surveillance camera in the Bronx.

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FaceBook Got Me Fired

Have fresh breath, but don’t chew gum; make eye contact, but don’t stare. Get on Mapquest the night before, and do a dry run. Establish personal space and respect its boundaries; learn how to execute the perfect handshake (check breath … Continue reading

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Act like You’re Being Filmed (Because You Are)

Readying to merge on to the local expressway for your daily morning slog, your idea of “hands free” is keeping them both free of the steering wheel at one time or another. As one hand steadies the coffee, the other … Continue reading

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