Act like You’re Being Filmed (Because You Are)

Readying to merge on to the local expressway for your daily morning slog, your idea of “hands free” is keeping them both free of the steering wheel at one time or another. As one hand steadies the coffee, the other plugs a text to your boss; you breeze up the entrance ramp, wheel firmly between your knees. Anticipating that the driver in front of you has already merged, you reflexively hit the gas, plowing into him. Scalded by your own coffee, you see nothing beyond your crumpled hood. Luckily, the traffic light cam has a souvenir for you. Snapped at the precise moment of the collision, the picture clearly shows that there’s not even a driver visible in your car; ironically you were fishing around for your hands-free device. Adding insult to irony, a “good samaritan,” hops out of his car and trots over waving his iphone saying he caught the whole thing on video-a video he probably recorded while driving. A text message isn’t going to cut it; now, you have to call your boss and tell her you won’t be in for hours.

Just like Tom Cruise in, “Minority Report” since exiting the deli juggling your morning coffee and paper, you’ve been scanned, tagged, panned and pinned nearly 100 times, from 100 different devices. You are being filmed-so, why not act like it?

For years, experts at CCTV Services Inc. have been educating their clients on how to improve their employees’ understanding about the role of surveillance cameras in the work place. Unfortunately, hidden cameras have shown us that there are certain individuals in this world who, when they think no one is watching, will urinate in the common area’s coffee pot at work.

“Let your employees know that the cameras are there for the protection of everyone,” says Tom, Owner of CCTV Services Inc.

Short of that, when laws, fines, social contracts, when basic common decency isn’t enough to keep your public behavior in check, just act like you’re being filmed; chances are, it’s true.

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2 Responses to Act like You’re Being Filmed (Because You Are)

  1. naveeninfo says:

    thats a great information about cctv services

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