Father’s Day Massacre Revisited

When the call came through to the office, it was like a big block of ice had suddenly formed inside of my stomach. There was an event at Haven Drugs, a shooting of some type, we were told. A client since 2009, we knew that Vinny, the owner of Haven Drugs was going to be devastated. His employees were like family to him, his customers too. It was the entire rationale behind him purchasing our equipment in the first place; he wanted it there to protect his family.

As more details began to emerge, that hunk of ice hardened inside of me until it shattered. Four people were dead, executed at point blank range by a drug addled assassin named David Laffer. It was an ignominious ending to an incomprehensible act, but thanks to Vinny, and the grim surveillance footage he provided, at least police had a clearer idea of who they were hunting.

A pale, bony, ghoulish looking individual, David Laffer eluded police for two, very tension filled days before his capture. Resisting arrest, Laffer famously caught more than a few unwelcomed belts to the head, courtesy of SCPD’s finest. Four months later, in November, 2011, armed with the trove of pain pills police recovered from Laffer’s house, and combined with the surveillance footage documenting his heinous act, authorities put Laffer away for life.

This Father’s Day commemorates the passing of one year since that terrible tragedy unfolded, and we at CCTV Services Inc. are humbled by whatever small role we may have had, if any, in the events leading up to the capture and conviction of one Long Island’s most notorious killers.

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