One-Eyed Passengers

Unlike the surveillance cameras Nassau Inter County Express (NICE) bus lines plans to install in its fleet, any sudden stops and starts along the way or jarring motions that might otherwise result in halting its decision to move forward with the proposal, will not be recorded.

Ferrying their new one-eyed passengers, drivers of NICE fleet vehicles expressed skepticism at the decision to equip their buses with surveillance cameras, and voiced their concerns through Patricia Bowden, president of the Transport Workers Union, “I feel this is something to distract drivers rather than help them,” said Bowden in an interview with Newsday. Calling it a plan devised to, “push out,” some of NICE’s more senior drivers, Bowden said that drivers, “should be concentrating on the road, and not on what a camera is doing.”

“If a little camera, not moving and not making any noise distracts a driver, THEN I am concerned about their ability to safely drive a bus,” said one Long Island commuter.

Triggered by sudden, rapid accelerations, or excessive jerking or braking motions, both on-board cameras, one aimed at the driver, the other at the road, are also sensitive to all of the bumps, craters, and pot-holes drivers typically encounter, and although the cameras record continuously, only the material recorded as a result of committing either of the above actions gets saved for later viewing.

What do you think this bus driver’s story would have been if there weren’t surveillance cameras on board?

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