Back it Up

You hear CCTV and what do you picture? Some apple-cheeked security guard bulging out of his uniform stationed in the pit of some type of console surrounded by a bank of monitors, right?

Yeah, that’s the movies. The truth is, surveillance video services are turn-key; it’s about some guy who owns a chain of Quiznos sandwich shops, who opens at 6am, flicks on the lights, and once he gets the cameras rolling, doesn’t give them another thought until, or unless something happens, like a robbery, or suspected employee theft.

While doing inventory, an Alabama boutique shop owner specializing in maternity apparel, noticed that a shirt she planned on donating to a charity was missing. After retrieving a month’s worth of surveillance data, the shop owner reviewed the footage and discovered a female customer stuffing the blouse into a bag and leaving.

Industry insiders call this an “event,” and the typical surveillance service end-user doesn’t necessarily interface on a day-to-day basis with a bulk of their surveillance equipment, or service provider until an event, unexpected disruption or malfunction triggers them to act.

“Because most standard DVR’s typically hold a month’s worth of surveillance data,” said Tom, owner of CCTV Services Inc., “we always recommend that our clients subscribe to one of our Surveillance Data Archival Programs.” While higher end DVR models have a larger capacity, Tom suggests archiving your data anyway, because, hey, you never know, “I’ve had plenty of clients call and ask about three-month old data, but if they don’t subscribe to one of our data back-up services, unfortunately, it just isn’t there.”

Tom says the data is readily stored on, or off site, and safely secured in a lockbox that is both fire-proof and water-proof. “The room with your data catches fire? Don’t worry, it’s safe,” said Tom, “and the hundreds of gallons of water the firefighters will use to put out the fire? That won’t affect your data either; don’t worry it’s safe.”


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