You’ve Got Mail

It wasn’t until after 20 years, that James Baston finally took his first vacation. Hours into his trip, Baston was forced to abort his plans, and return home, back to Kansas City; his laundromat was robbed. Four days later, at 5a.m. Baston logged onto his home computer, and tapped into his store’s surveillance system. To his astonishment, another burglary was underway, in real time, by the same guy, and Baston, rushing out of the house to catch him in the act, arrived several minutes too late; the thief was already gone.

“What if he had gotten an e-mail notification the instant one of his cameras detected any motion in his store?” asks CCTV Services Inc.‘s owner Tom. “Something like that might have made the difference.”

Unrivaled in his passion for all things surveillance, Tom’s DNA spells CCTV.

“I’m picking up Chinese take-out the other night,” says Tom, continuing, “and I see that this guy’s got a neat, little four camera set-up–digital displays on the monitors, the pictures are clear, it’s nice, and it’s working for him; working for him now, as in right now, but what about a week, a month, a year from now? Who does he call if his DVR hiccups, or if he runs out of storage, Wal-Mart?”

Mulling over the dozens of scenarios that might go wrong, Tom is an expert trouble-shooter, “We want people to know what’s available to them, what kind of features, solutions, what types of services they should be incorporating into their surveillance system security plan.”

With CCTV Services Inc.’s, “Supervised DVR Health Monitoring,” if a client’s hard drive is nearing full capacity, if a camera is no longer functioning, if the DVR software has stopped running, they’ll receive an instant notification via e-mail or text message from one of CCTV’s service technicians. “It’s all fully automated,” says Tom, “Whether your cameras are set up to detect motion, or are experiencing some type of minor issue, our software will trigger an alert, instantly notifying the client, and then,” Tom adds, “we address it, and it gets resolved.”

His beef and broccoli ice cold, Tom is still ruminating, “The Chinese take-out guy? Who is he calling when he wants to retrieve month old data? The on-line retailer? I don’t think so; anybody can sell you a camera, a whole system even, but who are you going to get to service it? The local handy man who installed it? The manufacturer?”

CCTV Services Inc. manufactures all of its own equipment, installs it and services it. They offer live tech support, fully automated notification services, hi-def monitors and DVR’s, on-site data back up, archival and data protection services, DVR health monitoring services, and CCTV directly services the entire Northeast region, so call today 1-877-990-CCTV

“Look, we understand that a client wants to turn on their system and forget about it. That’s where we come in, because we never forget about it. For instance, yesterday, I was grabbing a quick slice of pizza, and there’s this nail salon right next door, and I’m eye-balling their equipment and thinking……..”

For the record, and for obvious reasons, Tom’s family rarely puts him in charge of picking up the take-out.

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