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Danger in DC and Love For The Maslins

After watching his Washington Nats eke out a 6-4 victory against the NY Mets, 29 year-old DC dad, TC Maslin left Nationals Park thinking maybe he’d stop and celebrate the victory over a late night snack with friends. Meeting up … Continue reading

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Dumpster Diving for Mongo

In this case Mongo doesn’t mean idiot, although these two certainly are…idiots. Surveillance video shot from the rear of an Aquatronics plant, captures two unsuspecting misfits pilfering expensive pieces of scrap metal, or Mongo, as it’s known in the construction … Continue reading

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10 Facts about CCTV Services

1) We build… DVRs and install cameras, and we are unique in our desire and ability to also build strong long term relationships with our clients through an unrivaled support system. 2) We know…that functional and usable technical products need … Continue reading

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Trust but Verify

With the surveillance camera aimed down along the length of his driveway, a fed up home owner determined to put a face to his nightly nemesis, the notorious lawn ornament vandal, set a trap by posing a brand new garden … Continue reading

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