Danger in DC and Love For The Maslins

After watching his Washington Nats eke out a 6-4 victory against the NY Mets, 29 year-old DC dad, TC Maslin left Nationals Park thinking maybe he’d stop and celebrate the victory over a late night snack with friends. Meeting up at the Tune Inn, a popular watering hole in Capitol Hill’s Eastern Market district, friends and witnesses say Maslin, who lives nearby, headed home on foot at around 12:30 a.m. Eight hours later, a bleeding and unconscious Maslin was discovered a few blocks away, prone on the front porch of a random house. A victim of a savage beating, he apparently tried to get himself help before collapsing. He’s survived two subsequent brain surgeries since, and upon awakening, gave his wife Abigail the thumbs up sign; he reached out to hold her hand the day after that, and now she’s reaching out to us.

In surveillance video shot from outside a gas station shortly after the incident, a car, with what appears to have three male occupants inside of it, backs up to a pump and waits as the driver attempts to buy gas using Maslin’s stolen credit card. Issuing a passionate plea to the media, Abigail Maslin hopes the video leads police to her husband’s assailants.

Maslin and his wife Abigail have a small boy named Jack. As testament to how well liked and loved they are, friends and supporters have set up a web space for the young family called, Love for The Maslins. The site is accepting donations, and there is also a FaceBook page so others can share their support and well wishes.

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