Up The Creek Without A Pontoon


Discovered by police while cowering inside of a storage shed with the $30 he stripped from his boss’s till at Destin Florida’s Sunshine Pontoons still on him, 21 year-old Anthony Salamone is in no danger of winning September’s employee of the month.

A dock hand for Sunshine Pontoons, Salamone hauled fishing gear and coolers for customers without complaint, “He was a nice kid,” said shop owner Ed Rogers in a phone interview; a hint of disappointment detected in his voice. Never indicating the depths of desperation that drove him to betray his former boss, Salamone and his accomplice, 22 year-old Kevin Riley were spotted during the break-in by 26 year-old boat captain, Chase Sherman, who was monitoring the building’s surveillance system from his home PC, “Chase was hell bent on catching them,” said Rogers, “and he did!”

According to Rogers, this was the third time his shop was robbed, “Chase insisted that it had to be an inside job,” he said. Ordinarily, Rogers and his partner, Kevin Sherman, owner of, “Just Chute Me Parasails,” an adjacent shop located in the same building, never leave much cash laying around in the store over night, “At closing, there was about $200 in small bills in there,” said Rogers. Presumably, Salamone knew that. What he didn’t know, is that Rogers later received a text from his brother, who also works at the shop saying that, “He cleared out the register after closing. He was taking his wife out to dinner, and told me he left 30 bucks in the drawer,” said Rogers.

Later that evening, Sherman took up his post in front of his home monitoring service, and like any decent boat captain, patiently trolled for his quarry. Spotting the intruders charging up the stairs outside clad in jack-boots and masks, Sherman finally hit pay dirt; it was an inside job. “Chase was hot on their heels,” Rogers said, and so were the cops.

Ditching a set of gloves, a pry-bar, and two masks under an ice machine, Saliaone and Riley secreted themselves inside a storage shed as cops, fresh off of Sherman’s tip, prowled outside. And instead of making off with a fist full of dollars, the pair ended up with a face full of fuzz, as police busted both culprits huddled inside the shed with the cash bag containing their measly $30 score.

Unfortunately, not every business owner has someone as vigilant as Chase Sherman working for them. Even if someone was as willing to periodically sit and scan live surveillance video, the Sunshine Pontoon case, statistically speaking, is more the exception than the rule; a watched pot never boils.

Not only does CCTV Services Inc. transmit a text message to a client the instant their system’s motion sensors are tripped, notifications go out covering a wide array of issues, customized to the client’s preferences. There’s DVR Health Monitoring: a full blown, daily work-up that manages, maintains, troubleshoots, and proactively addresses whatever minor disruptions that might otherwise compromise the general welfare of a customer’s DVR; it all begins with an automated response, texted directly to a client’s phone 24/7. What if the DVR’s nearing capacity? There’s a text for that too.

So, if you’re not lucky enough to have a suspicious boat captain with a nose for sniffing out bad guys in your hire, remember, the key to a solid security system resides in its services. The key to CCTV, is its services.

Salamone and Riley face criminal charges, including burglary and possession of burglary tools, according to news reports.

Sighing, Rogers says his relationship with Salimone is finished.

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