Viral Voyeurism


Undoing his belt, 26 year-old Marcus Younge pressed his face up against the glass door in Ed Charlery’s backyard and touched himself. There were three girls inside; stalking the east Orange County neighborhood for years, Younge stealthily crept through the shadows to spy on them. Luckily, the entire seamy incident was captured on home surveillance video.

Arraigned Tuesday on charges of aggravated child stalking and voyeurism, this isn’t the first time Younge’s behavior has landed him in a set of state issued bracelets. In the same neighborhood back in 2009, Younge was arrested for the attempted kidnapping of a nine year-old girl. Grabbing her from behind, Younge stumbled to the sidewalk as the girl struggled to free herself from his clutches. Scampering home, the frightened victim described her attacker to her parents. Piling into the car, the family prowled the neighborhood, locating Younge standing in front of his home several blocks away. The girl’s father snapped a picture of him and immediately handed it over to the police.

Using the name, “William Alexander,” a person claiming to be Younge’s uncle commented on a news site featuring the story and defended Younge, “The girl was running, and she ran into him. He attempted to grab the girl so she wouldn’t fall.” Followed up with a pair of bizarre statements, Alexander insists in his comment that Younge’s innocence hinges on two little known facts, “Marcus was never sexually assaulted as a child or teen, and Younge is not his real name.” Alexander says that Younge is not a kidnapper or a pedophile, and continuing his ridiculous line of logic, refuses to back up his claims saying, “I know his real name, and I will not release his real name because it could be easily used against him.”


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