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Security Concerns Rise in Aftermath of Sandy Hook Shooting

Our deepest sorrows for the victims of Sandy Hook. To the families, victims in their own right, we share in the hour of your loss and mourning, and with grief, extend our sincerest condolences. Of all of the senseless, violent … Continue reading

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CCTV Services Inc. Launches New Website!

CCTV Services Inc. Announces The Launch Of It’s New Website: Partnering with New York’s premier marketing firm, Donovan Media, CCTV Services Inc. introduces the launch of its new website. In close consultation with customer service representatives at CCTV Services … Continue reading

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Media Inaccuracies Mount In Wake Of Sandy Hook School Shooting

In journalism it’s called the, “out there syndrome,” meaning that, if something is already, “out there” and being reported, instead of independently verifying it, news agencies feel free to run with it. Following Friday’s ghastly shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook … Continue reading

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The Devil Wears Khakis: The Latest on the Columbus Circle Shooting

The silver Lincoln MKZ Sedan used as the getaway car in Monday’s Midtown mob style execution of a Californian man has been recovered by police. Following the stunning orchestrated hit on a crowded Manhattan street near Columbus Circle, a surveillance … Continue reading

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A Year From Now And Love For The Maslins

The sound of her son’s giggling gives her temporary relief. So does a late night text from a friend. There is still the perfect cup of coffee to savor, and crisp autumn air to fill her lungs. Letting in the … Continue reading

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