The Devil Wears Khakis: The Latest on the Columbus Circle Shooting


The silver Lincoln MKZ Sedan used as the getaway car in Monday’s Midtown mob style execution of a Californian man has been recovered by police. Following the stunning orchestrated hit on a crowded Manhattan street near Columbus Circle, a surveillance video of the shooting emerged. In it, a khaki clad assassin and his wheel man are seen speeding off shortly after the hit, and were subsequently spotted exiting the city via the Queens Midtown Tunnel. Abandoned, the car ended up in Queens, and was traced back to a local couple who rented it weeks ago from a Huntington Station Avis dealer. According to statements to the police, the couple loaned the car to someone, but the cops are being tight lipped about who that someone is.

With 20 drug related beefs in his jacket, the victim, Brandon Woodard, a 31 year old law student could have been his own best client. Before getting gunned down, a hefty cocaine possession rap pending a February court appearance was looming. Add to that, Woodard’s spotty finances and reported junkets as a second tier promoter with ties to the entertainment industry seem sketchy at best. Adhering to the maxim that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, he once got himself collared for assaulting a security guard backstage at a concert for the singing artist known as Usher.

Enter Tonya Pinkins, former star of the daytime drama, “All My Children.” She told Showbiz411 that she wasn’t surprised when Woodard wound up dead on a NYC street with a bullet in his head, “I’ve been trying to get the FBI, and the U.S. Attorney to do something about this family for five years.” Publicly airing a scandalous family feud, Pinkins says her ex-boyfriend’s new wife, Sandra Mcbeth, the mother of shooting victim Brandon Woodard, is a, “black collar criminal,” and profits from people losing their homes as evidenced by the dozens of Mcbeth’s forged documents and fraudulent mortgage deals Pinkins published on a website attacking McBeth.

Disbarred in 2006 and branded a substance abuser by Pinkins, her ex-boyfriend, Rodney David Wellington is also the father of Pinkins’s 16 year-old daughter. She says the list of people who have been burned by this family is huge, and apparently Pinkins, by injecting herself publicly into the bizarre backstory of this death by shooting, with its web of drug abuse, mortgage meltdowns, custody battles, flame wars and forgery, must have been burned pretty badly to want to come out on the record so forcefully and risk having her own public image tarnished.

A ballistic report links the 9mm weapon used in the Midtown slaying to a 2009 shooting in St. Albans Queens; police are rounding up the usual suspects. 10 minutes prior to the shooting, the portly trigger man can be seen on surveillance video stepping out of the silver Lincoln Sedan on 58th & 7th, donning his black executioner’s hoodie. The victim is seen ambling away from the killer and then circling back towards him, apparently in response to a text message that police say was used to lure him back into the kill zone. Slithering behind Woodard, the one man death squad in Dockers reared up his 9mm semi-automatic weapon, and popped off a single slug, striking the victim in the back of his head, killing him instantly. A little on the plump side, when the assailant climbs back into the Lincoln, the surveillance video clearly shows the passenger side of the sedan sagging.

H/T to @JulieMason for the Title

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