CCTV Services Inc. Launches New Website!


CCTV Services Inc. Announces The Launch Of It’s New Website:

Partnering with New York’s premier marketing firm, Donovan Media, CCTV Services Inc. introduces the launch of its new website. In close consultation with customer service representatives at CCTV Services Inc., marketing and web development professionals at Donovan Media have assembled our new website with two fundamental goals in mind: Creating a platform where CCTV Services Inc.’s current customers and clients can come and obtain the latest information on new products and services, technological advances in the industry, and customized security solutions to help improve their bottom line, and broadening the appeal of CCTV Services Inc. across the web with a highly stylized, customer oriented website.

Coded with the latest in Google technology, the new website is more search engine friendly. Tailored to match specific CCTV related search queries, potential customers and pre-existing clients can now access the information they need much quicker, and with greater accuracy.

Sleek in its design, the new site is also, very easy on the eyes and twice as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. On it, consumers will find our “Quick Quote” forms to be new and improved, featuring an abundance of new client support services, and a wealth of new and updated material at the ready. The site is fully secure and we’ve even added on an entire e-commerce portion to facilitate convenient online shopping.

CCTV Services Inc. Goes Mobile!

Scan this QR Code into your smartphone and keep CCTV Services with you on the go! Once it’s loaded in your phone’s browser, just click on the phone number in the upper right hand corner of the site and either, add it to your contacts, share it with others, or click on it to speak directly with one of our friendly customer service representatives.


We encourage everyone to stop on by, check out the new site, and drop us a line telling us what you think! Customers purchasing a new product, service or system through the website today can save 10% by using the Customer Code: “Launch” when speaking to one of our representatives.

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  1. Abdul Tira says:

    Thanks for the sharing this list. Nice blog.

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