Surveillance Leads to Conviction of Jerome Isaac

20130114-132235.jpgClad in a blue jumpsuit while wearing white gloves, a surgical mask and strapped with a portable tank of fuel, Jerome Isaac positioned himself outside the elevator in a Brooklyn apartment building and waited. When the doors opened he sprayed the fuel on the cab’s occupant, a 73 year-old woman named Deloris Gillespie. Stemming from differences over an outstanding debt owed by Gillespie for odd jobs Isaac claims he performed, Isaac hurled a Molotov cocktail at the already saturated Gillespie, igniting a blaze and burning her alive.

A year later, using evidence collected from surveillance cameras serviced and installed by CCTV Services Inc., a New York Supreme Court in Brooklyn sentenced Isaac to a 50 year prison term. Prosecutor Kenneth Taub, at Isaac’s arraignment, said the surveillance footage, as evidence against Isaac was, “overwhelming,” and that Isaac’s identity in the video was completely “obvious.”

When it comes to the capture and conviction of criminals caught in the act, surveillance equipment installed, maintained and serviced by CCTV Services Inc., consistently produces the type of high quality footage that law enforcement and successful criminal prosecutors continue to rely on. So, whether it’s something as small as shoplifting, or one of the other high profile cases we’ve serviced, if our work is good enough for the criminal justice system, CCTV Services Inc. is probably a good fit for your business too.

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