Unlimited Storage Now Availble to our Virtual Video Vault


As the manufacturer of our DVR systems, we have now included an exclusive bundle of solutions, bringing you unprecedented peace of mind year after year. This group of services includes an offsite backup solution of your onsite video data.

We save, store, and retrieve your vital recordings for you in our secure video vault transferred over the Internet. The amount of storage is unlimited and your data is saved indefinitely.

Security of your data is assured and access is as easy as sending us an email of the dates you need to review. Our service allows unlimited access to the amount of data you may retrieve through our email request system. We will download the requested video data to your DVR or any other computer for you to review as needed.


We even manage your DVR offsite back up to make sure it is functioning in real time. We also maintain a history log of all retrieved data requests. There is nothing for you to do except view video from as far back in time as you would like. This service includes our exclusive DVR Health Monitoring, which sends you and us emails and alerts when your DVR or cameras need service.

All storage space, set up, programming, monitoring and maintenance of your account is managed by us for a small monthly fee.

If you want your video data to protect you, then protect your video data today!

Call 631-427-0950 to speak with a representative.

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