CCTV Services Inc. Linked to Video Surveillance of Boston Bombing Suspects

Groomed like college kids clad in back packs and baseball caps, Boston bombing suspects “No.1” and “No. 2” casually cruised Boylston Street minutes before their perilous stop, drop and blow cratered the spirit of a city now in mourning. CCTV Services Inc. confirms that the ubiquitous surveillance video footage and accompanying screen captures thundering across the web and wall papering cable news coverage of the two bombing suspects comes from cameras mounted by a CCTV Services Inc. technician outside the restaurant, “Whiskey’s Steakhouse.”

“The Whiskey is on Boylston Street,” said Tom D., a CCTV Services Inc. Installation Technician, “and is about 200 feet from the blast site.” Ironically, Tom had a scheduled appointment with the Whiskey on the day of the race, which was subsequently canceled by the client as marathon crowds swelled. “I was just there last week on a service call,” he said. “On my way in, I luckily spied all of my outdoor mounts for fatigue. There was none. Overall, I was happy with my coverage; I liked the drops I had, my aim was true, and the angles were sharp.”

Tom explains what it’s like watching his handiwork play out on cable news during the unfolding of this tragic national drama, “You got the FBI holding up a picture, a screen shot of a guy who they say might be the bomber. It’s on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, You Tube, FaceBook, and it’s eerie because I’ve seen that particular city block on Boylston filled with smiling pedestrians on the monitor dozens of times before, and because I shifted this over here a little to the left and that over there a little to the right, some big cheese at the FBI is now holding up a photograph on national television in the middle of a massive manhunt for America’s newest enemy.”


A street view from inside of, “Whiskey’s Smokehouse.” Looking from inside the restaurant, the impact site would be to the left of this establishment from this perspective.

“It’s routine for law enforcement to canvass the area shops like they did here at the Whiskey,” said Tom Maggio, Owner of CCTV Services Inc. “Detectives and the like will often burn the data to a CD on site after finding something of interest during a cursory review.” Tom and his representatives at CCTV Services Inc. work often with law enforcement officials, and in the case of the Boston bombing, have willfully pledged their cooperation with authorities.

“This isn’t the first time our images were used to help apprehend dangerous individuals in high profile cases,” said a spokesman for CCTV Services Inc. “The same way the police in New York utilized our CCTV images to apprehend David Laffer in the 2011 Father’s Day massacre at the Medford pharmacy, I’m confident that the individuals responsible for this gruesome business up in Boston are about to be visited by a similar fate,” said the spokesman.

Condolences to the family members of those wounded and killed in the bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Eternal peace to those no longer with us.

This story is still developing.

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