CCTV Services Inc. is the Company Behind the Surveillance Video Identifying the Boston Bombers

The surveillance video the FBI used to identify and ultimately apprehend Boston bombing suspects, Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, originated from, “Whiskey’s Steakhouse,” on 885 Boylston Street.

The surveillance system at Whiskey’s responsible for the the notorious video comes courtesy of CCTV Services Inc.

While conspiracy theories surrounding the video in question abound on the web, as a representative of CCTV Services Inc., it can be said plainly that, in no way was the video evidence of the Tsarnaev brothers ever compromised, as some have suggested. Lacking a first hand review of the evidence, niche news makers and other assorted odd-balls on the web have again resorted to speculating wildly.


Hard to believe that the true story behind the actual video (shown above) used to identify the suspects in the Boston bombing has to compete with fiction. Both stories come from the same publication, “Before It’s News“. The above story is both factual and true, and relevant. The story below is colorful, entertaining, eye-fetching and speculative.


As the business blog for CCTV Services Inc., the, “Surveillance Report” is an undisputed authority on the video of the Boston bombing suspects. After much review, there is little to add, except to say that the video originated at Whiskey’s, its cameras and entire surveillance system were installed, serviced and monitored by CCTV Services Inc. up to and including the final moments before the bombings, and that the video in question, in its raw form, is still perfectly preserved with its integrity intact.

CCTV Services Inc. is the company that installed, maintained, monitored, and serviced the surveillance system that created the video of the Boston bombers, and here is the true story behind the making of that video.

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