Miami Gardens Hole in the Wall Gang

After punching out a hole in the back wall of a Miami Gardens Winn-Dixie, two slippery assailants slithered their way through the makeshift tunnel Tuesday night, and like two vipers, laid in wait ready to strike as workers arriving for the morning shift were caught off guard in a terrifying post dawn ambush style robbery. Armed and masked, the two scaly suspects waved their weapons threatening violence, barking out commands to a shocked Winn-Dixie staff. Of the five employees present, four of them lie prone grabbing linoleum during the robbery, while another escorted one of the thugs to the store’s vault and emptied it at gunpoint.


According to Florida crime statistics, a robbery in the Panhandle state occurs every 22 minutes. After waiting for several hours, the Hole in the Wall Gang at the Winn-Dixie made off with a hefty sum in less than half that time; no injuries reported. That same morning, in an unrelated Miami Gardens seizure, federal agents arrested 97 individuals on felony weapons charges, confiscating a cache of pain pills and over 200 guns as part of “Operation Smoking Gun III.”

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