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Dumpster Diving for Mongo

In this case Mongo doesn’t mean idiot, although these two certainly are…idiots. Surveillance video shot from the rear of an Aquatronics plant, captures two unsuspecting misfits pilfering expensive pieces of scrap metal, or Mongo, as it’s known in the construction … Continue reading

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Trust but Verify

With the surveillance camera aimed down along the length of his driveway, a fed up home owner determined to put a face to his nightly nemesis, the notorious lawn ornament vandal, set a trap by posing a brand new garden … Continue reading

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Viral Video: How to Stop a Massacre

Over a week ago, before the Colorado movie theatre massacre, reports surfaced on the web detailing how a 71 year-old man with a conceal & carry gun permit thwarted an armed robbery at a Florida Internet cafe. When @CCTV101 Tweeted … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Mail

It wasn’t until after 20 years, that James Baston finally took his first vacation. Hours into his trip, Baston was forced to abort his plans, and return home, back to Kansas City; his laundromat was robbed. Four days later, at … Continue reading

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Storage Wars

With T-shirts wrapped around their heads because they’re too cheap to spring for masks, these three stooges ransack and rob someone’s private storage unit. Email Tips to: JPowers@CCTVServices.net  

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That Was So Five Minutes Ago

Forget Tweeting links to the same old tired content everyone else has already read. If you want to grow your following on Twitter, you need to be able to use the word, “Exclusive” or “Breaking” in your Tweets. Follow us … Continue reading

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Marco…..? Pool Rescue Fail #CaughtonCamera

Panicked, hyper alert mom jumps into swimming pool fully clothed, and saves kids from fun. Running right past the lifeguard, this mom’s life saving efforts are one big belly-flop. Never in danger, her kids’ bobbing heads apparently in full view of pool staff at all … Continue reading

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The Unsuspecting Suspect

Check out the strut on this street savvy thug. Unaware he’s being filmed, his image on the verge of going viral, this unsuspecting suspect trots off into the New York night, unthinking, uncaring, but ultimately undone. Shortly after a street … Continue reading

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Praying for Justice

Babies do it, dogs do it, Ga-Ga does it. It can be done by yourself, done with friends, done under water, or up in the air-even Abraham Lincoln did it in his famous, “Lincoln in Mid-Tebow while Seated.” As fresh … Continue reading

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A View to a Kill

Clad in a motorcycle helmet and bent on a murder spree, a rogue gunman executed four people on Monday at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. More chilling details emerged a day later when French authorities said that the gunman … Continue reading

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