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Dumpster Diving for Mongo

In this case Mongo doesn’t mean idiot, although these two certainly are…idiots. Surveillance video shot from the rear of an Aquatronics plant, captures two unsuspecting misfits pilfering expensive pieces of scrap metal, or Mongo, as it’s known in the construction … Continue reading

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10 Facts about CCTV Services

1) We build… DVRs and install cameras, and we are unique in our desire and ability to also build strong long term relationships with our clients through an unrivaled support system. 2) We know…that functional and usable technical products need … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Mail

It wasn’t until after 20 years, that James Baston finally took his first vacation. Hours into his trip, Baston was forced to abort his plans, and return home, back to Kansas City; his laundromat was robbed. Four days later, at … Continue reading

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Back it Up

You hear CCTV and what do you picture? Some apple-cheeked security guard bulging out of his uniform stationed in the pit of some type of console surrounded by a bank of monitors, right? Yeah, that’s the movies. The truth is, … Continue reading

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Theif Looks Into Surveillance Camera Before Stealing Liquor

Pacing through the aisle of a Lindenhurst liquor store, a man looks directly into a CCTV surveillance camera before he walks out with an unpaid bottle of liquor last Thursday afternoon. The thief has not yet been identified. Please call Suffolk … Continue reading

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A Father’s Day Tragedy: Four Dead after a Medford Pharmacy Shooting

Surveillance footage caught from CCTV Services, Inc., has given police a clear picture of the gunman involved in the shooting that occurred at a Medford family owned pharmacy on the morning of Father’s Day. The search, however, still continues. Two of the victims were employees of the pharmacy; Raymond … Continue reading

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