Middle School Mayhem

Dakota Norwood is looking for some professional exposure. He says he’s in the entertainment industry, or at least that’s what he specified on his Linked in profile page. Turns out, as far as the entertainment industry goes, he’s just an usher at the Carmike Cinemas in Cleveland Tennessee, and now, one of the stars in this week’s featured surveillance video.

Making off with $10,000 worth of stolen property, and vandalizing the Cleveland Middle School to the tune of another 10 grand, Norwood and his two accomplices, Samuel Hazelton and Jordan Miller, executed a brazen smash and grab robbery at their former school, tossing over bookcases, and smashing a 60 inch monitor with the butt of a flag pole, and it was all caught on camera, according to news reports.


In a phone interview with The Surveillance Report, Carmike Cinema Assistant Manager Garrett let out a mournful “yes,” when asked if the Dakota Norwood who was arrested for vandalizing the middle school was the same Norwood who listed himself as an usher at Carmike Cinemas. “He was a good kid,” said Garrett when asked about Norwood’s conduct at work. “He was a hard worker , and always did what he was told,” he said. Norwood’s employment status is still pending.

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