Cuomo Signs SAFE ACT: Nonpublic Schools to Receive Funding for Security

As part of the attempt to protect New York State from gun violence, Governor  Cuomo has signed into law the NY SAFE Act (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act). One provisions of the act is to keep guns out of schools:

Under the legislation, the penalty for possession of a firearm on school grounds or a school bus will be increased from a misdemeanor to a Class E Felony. The state’s SAVE Act (Safe Schools Against Violence in Education) requires school districts to develop school safety plans including evacuation, dismissal, community response, and alerting family, law enforcement and other schools in the area in the event of a violent incident or other emergency. The legislation will allow school districts to submit their school safety plans to a newly created New York State School Safety Improvement Team, consisting of representatives from state agencies with relevant expertise (e.g. DHSES, State Police, DCJS), which will review plans and assist localities in developing plans. Some designated safety system improvements will be eligible for enhanced re-imbursement under the state’s School Building Aid formula. New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers and Syracuse will be exempted.

According to NYSED, Projects eligible for aid include the purchase and installation of:

Internal Security Cameras

Access Control Systems: These May include

-an Intercom to speak with visitors

-remote electronic door unlatching systems

 -external cameras

-interface with the building management system and

-central lockdown buttons, etc

 Non public school projects will be funded according to the following methodology:

 1. Schools will be reimbursed for approved expenses, up to a ceiling amount

2. The ceiling amount will be determined by a per pupil allocation

 3. Per-pupil allocation will be determined by the school’s official pre-kindergarten through grade 12 enrollment submitted as part  of the BEDS data collection for the 2012-13 school year. The allocation amounts are listed on the Department’s website.

4. For 2013-14, all expenses would have to occur on or before March 31, 2014.

5. Claims must be filed by April 15, 2014

Schools will be eligible to receive funding for approved projects up to the amount of:

$9.70x P-12 enrollment reported on their 2012-13 BEDS forms.

Other key provisions of the NY SAFE Act include, mental health alert, tougher assault weapons ban, stronger regulations on ammunition, statewide recertification of handguns and assault weapons, universal background checks, Webster provision, extending and strengthening Kendra’s law, protecting families,  safe storage, and tougher penalties for illegal gun use.

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Unlimited Storage to our Virtual Video Vault


We now include an exclusive bundle of solutions with our own manufactured DVRs, bringing you unprecedented peace of mind year after year. This group of services includes an offsite backup solution of your onsite video data.

We save, store, and retrieve your vital recordings for you in our secure video vault transferred over the Internet. The amount of storage is unlimited and your data is saved indefinitely.

Security of your data is assured and access is as easy as sending us an email of the dates you need to review. Our service allows unlimited access to the amount of data you may retrieve through our email request system. We will download the requested video data to your DVR or any other computer for you to review as needed.


We even manage your DVR offsite back up to make sure it is functioning in real time. We also maintain a history log of all retrieved data requests. There is nothing for you to do except view video from as far back in time as you would like. This service includes our exclusive DVR Health Monitoring, which sends you and us emails and alerts when your DVR or cameras need service.

All storage space, set up, programming, monitoring and maintenance of your account is managed by us for a small monthly fee.

If you want your video data to protect you, then protect your video data today!

Call 631-427-0950 to speak with a representative.

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CCTV Services Introduces New Mobile Web App

Determined to continue their reputation of exceptional customer service, CCTV Services, Inc. has launched a new mobile application allowing clients to request service, request an upgrade, or receive credit from a referral with just the touch of a button.  The application also features a Self-Help section, which gives quick solutions to the most common technical issues.

To Download, visit  from your mobile device and select “Mobile Web App”

For more information or if you have any questions, email

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Middle School Mayhem

Dakota Norwood is looking for some professional exposure. He says he’s in the entertainment industry, or at least that’s what he specified on his Linked in profile page. Turns out, as far as the entertainment industry goes, he’s just an usher at the Carmike Cinemas in Cleveland Tennessee, and now, one of the stars in this week’s featured surveillance video.

Making off with $10,000 worth of stolen property, and vandalizing the Cleveland Middle School to the tune of another 10 grand, Norwood and his two accomplices, Samuel Hazelton and Jordan Miller, executed a brazen smash and grab robbery at their former school, tossing over bookcases, and smashing a 60 inch monitor with the butt of a flag pole, and it was all caught on camera, according to news reports.


In a phone interview with The Surveillance Report, Carmike Cinema Assistant Manager Garrett let out a mournful “yes,” when asked if the Dakota Norwood who was arrested for vandalizing the middle school was the same Norwood who listed himself as an usher at Carmike Cinemas. “He was a good kid,” said Garrett when asked about Norwood’s conduct at work. “He was a hard worker , and always did what he was told,” he said. Norwood’s employment status is still pending.

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Surveillance Video Leads to Cop Firings in Jasper City Texas

Cantering into city hall sporting a short sleeved button down shirt with pictures of vintage cars on it, Jasper City Mayor Mike Lout, in a specially convened session of the city council on Monday, swiped off his baseball cap, took to the microphone, and in the time it takes to boil a three minute egg, ended the careers of two cops by publicly firing them, gaveled the proceedings to a close, and still had a minute to spare.


Reading aloud from the council’s executive session, Council Member Hazel Johnson made a motion that Ryan Cunningham be terminated from the Jasper Police Department. When the motion was seconded without discussion, The People’s House in Jasper City Texas erupted with a resounding, “Aye,” when it was was put to a vote for those in favor. Despite his casual appearance, Lout was all about the city’s business, and instructed the thronged gallery that, “the crowd does not have a vote in this,” and warned the audience that, “this is a serious matter.” Hushing itself to a grumble, Jasper City residents listened with restrained enthusiasm as the motion to terminate Cunningham’s partner, Officer Ricky Grissom was subsequently unanimously confirmed, and then burst into applause.

Reportedly arrested for failure to pay an outstanding fine in the amount of $100, Keyarika Diggles called her mom for the money. Two panda sized police officers, Ricky Grissom and Ryan Cunningham loped around the station waiting for Diggles to finish her call. Without warning, Grissom unexpectedly ends the call himself, and hangs up on Diggles’ mother. An agitated Diggles then throws down the receiver, and an argument between her and Grissom ensues. Within seconds, Grissom’s partner Cunningham, lumbers up behind Diggles, grabs her by the hair and violently cracks her head up against a nearby counter. A stunned Diggles falls to the floor under the weight of both officers, gets cuffed and dragged by her feet into her cell.

On his first attempt at dragging Diggles, Cunningham grabs a hold of her foot, and like a pratfall comedy, is hurled backwards when her shoe pops off, and sent tumbling down the dark corridor behind him until falling flat on his back side à la vintage Fatty Arbuckle; it’s the Keystone cops with buzz cuts and anger issues. The whole incident is captured on surveillance video, which I guess both officers were aware existed. Matter of fact, the whole PD knew about the incident and the video a full three weeks before anyone on the city council was even notified. Guess no one counted on the video getting leaked to Yahoo News?

Once it was out there, the mayor and entire city council acted swiftly, and transparently, and judging by the reactions at city hall that morning, inoculated themselves against critics who point at the incident as just another example of Jasper City’s pervasive racism.

Home of the infamous 1998 case of James Byrd, Jr., a black man who was lashed to the back of a pick up truck by white supremacists and dragged until his head snapped off, Jasper, known as “The Jewel of the Forest,” has been a city plagued with racial divisiveness for decades. As recently as 2011, when Lout publicly opposed appointing Rodney Peasrson as Jasper’s first black chief of police, the political imbroglio became racially tinged. When it was all said and done, two black council members lost their seats in recall elections and Pearson was ultimately fired. Lout himself, survived a recall election in May of 2012, and was only just re-elected and sworn in for his final term two days prior to this event unfolding. “I don’t give a damn if it was two black cops and a white woman or, female cops or white cops, I didn’t like what I saw,” said Lout in a phone interview with The Surveillance Report. “What was on the council’s mind going into this, was that the woman was already in custody. She wasn’t going any where; there are five doors, and they’re all electronically sealed, it didn’t need to happen this way,” said Lout.

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Miami Gardens Hole in the Wall Gang

After punching out a hole in the back wall of a Miami Gardens Winn-Dixie, two slippery assailants slithered their way through the makeshift tunnel Tuesday night, and like two vipers, laid in wait ready to strike as workers arriving for the morning shift were caught off guard in a terrifying post dawn ambush style robbery. Armed and masked, the two scaly suspects waved their weapons threatening violence, barking out commands to a shocked Winn-Dixie staff. Of the five employees present, four of them lie prone grabbing linoleum during the robbery, while another escorted one of the thugs to the store’s vault and emptied it at gunpoint.


According to Florida crime statistics, a robbery in the Panhandle state occurs every 22 minutes. After waiting for several hours, the Hole in the Wall Gang at the Winn-Dixie made off with a hefty sum in less than half that time; no injuries reported. That same morning, in an unrelated Miami Gardens seizure, federal agents arrested 97 individuals on felony weapons charges, confiscating a cache of pain pills and over 200 guns as part of “Operation Smoking Gun III.”

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Murder at Gulf Freeway

In the days following National Police Week, the Houston PD’s crime blotter started racking up a rising body count. A spate of fatal shootings, infanticide, more than just a few deadly car wrecks and a drowning capped off the month of May in H-Town with violence. Utilizing community based policing tactics, Space City’s Police Chief Charles McClelland, jr’s focus on modern crime reduction strategies uses whatever technological advantages there are at his disposal.

Within 48 hours of the Gulf Freeway slaying, H-Town PD released surveillance footage of the suspected shooter on You Tube. With the flesh surrounding the gun shot wound on the victim still freshly singed, the suspect skipped through a parking lot shortly after murdering his quarry. Weeks later, police released a composite sketch of the unknown black male shooter to the web.


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President Obama to Visit Rancho Mirage Next Week in Wake of Menacing Armed Robbery in the Desert

On the rim of the desert creeping in on Rancho Mirage in California, surveillance cameras at Jensen’s convenience store captured a stick-up artist appareled in black motorcycle gear menacing a clerk with a genteel, silver pistol, forcing him to empty out the cash drawer at gunpoint. His identity obscured by his helmet’s tinted visor, the culprit committed a sprint like robbery, brandishing his weapon and collecting his tidy bundle of loot in all of 32 seconds, according to news reports.

Authorities are hoping the suspect’s motorcycle regalia is recognizable to someone in the public, and as one of the first motorcycle officers assigned to Rancho Mirage, Police Captain Kevin Vest seems uniquely qualified to helm this investigation and will hopefully catch up with the gearhead gunman ahead of the next week’s arrival of VIP guests. Anyone with information is encouraged to please come forward via California’s anonymous Crime Stoppers tip line by calling (760) 341-STOP


Near the Salton Sea, Rancho Mirage is south of L.A. with San Diego hovering to its north, and squats at the foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains in the center of scenic Palm Springs Valley. Next week, it will be playing host to President Obama and The People’s Republic of China’s President Xi JinPing, for bilateral negotiations set to take place on the grounds of late U.S. Ambassador Walter Annenberg and his wife Lenore’s historic Sunnylands winter estate.

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Woman and Six Year-Old Niece Struck in Violent Holiday Hit and Run


Bridgeport Police in Connecticut need the public’s help identifying a light colored SUV which struck a 60 year-old woman and her niece on Memorial Day. According to news reports, the pair of victims were hit by a silver or white SUV while crossing the street at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Highland Street.

Spanning a one week period, BP police reports indicate that this is the second violent hit and run in the area surrounding Washington Avenue. Last Monday, a man named Alberto Rios deliberately mowed down his ex-girlfriend’s sister and her boyfriend with his car. After striking the pair, Rios exited the vehicle and pummeled the male victim, kicking and punching him repeatedly. Before cops arrived, Rios warned the victim to not “snitch,” and coerced him into telling authorities it was only an accident under threat of death. Rios was later apprehended, and reportedly had been terrorizing his ex-girlfriend’s family for months.

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CCTV Services Inc. is the Company Behind the Surveillance Video Identifying the Boston Bombers

The surveillance video the FBI used to identify and ultimately apprehend Boston bombing suspects, Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, originated from, “Whiskey’s Steakhouse,” on 885 Boylston Street.

The surveillance system at Whiskey’s responsible for the the notorious video comes courtesy of CCTV Services Inc.

While conspiracy theories surrounding the video in question abound on the web, as a representative of CCTV Services Inc., it can be said plainly that, in no way was the video evidence of the Tsarnaev brothers ever compromised, as some have suggested. Lacking a first hand review of the evidence, niche news makers and other assorted odd-balls on the web have again resorted to speculating wildly.


Hard to believe that the true story behind the actual video (shown above) used to identify the suspects in the Boston bombing has to compete with fiction. Both stories come from the same publication, “Before It’s News“. The above story is both factual and true, and relevant. The story below is colorful, entertaining, eye-fetching and speculative.


As the business blog for CCTV Services Inc., the, “Surveillance Report” is an undisputed authority on the video of the Boston bombing suspects. After much review, there is little to add, except to say that the video originated at Whiskey’s, its cameras and entire surveillance system were installed, serviced and monitored by CCTV Services Inc. up to and including the final moments before the bombings, and that the video in question, in its raw form, is still perfectly preserved with its integrity intact.

CCTV Services Inc. is the company that installed, maintained, monitored, and serviced the surveillance system that created the video of the Boston bombers, and here is the true story behind the making of that video.

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