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Three Things to Know Before Buying a CCTV System

Spanning two decades, video surveillance technology, or CCTV as it’s known in security industry parlance, has undergone some dramatic changes. During the 90’s, relatively expensive analog equipment was the industry standard. By the turn of the century however, CCTV systems … Continue reading

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Back it Up

You hear CCTV and what do you picture? Some apple-cheeked security guard bulging out of his uniform stationed in the pit of some type of console surrounded by a bank of monitors, right? Yeah, that’s the movies. The truth is, … Continue reading

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Act like You’re Being Filmed (Because You Are)

Readying to merge on to the local expressway for your daily morning slog, your idea of “hands free” is keeping them both free of the steering wheel at one time or another. As one hand steadies the coffee, the other … Continue reading

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