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Crimes Down at Seward Park Library Following Installation of Surveillance System

Surveillance cameras were installed in response to an outraged community after the sexual assault of a nine-year-old girl at the Seward Park Library. New York City funded the library for a full 21 camera surveillance system. Officials say since the … Continue reading

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The Surveillance System’s Role in the Medford Pharmacy Shooting: From the owner of CCTV Services, Inc.

CCTV Surveillance can act as a deterrent in a few situations such as employee theft, employee productivity, and/or home burglaries. Even still, however, most people will commit a crime right in front of cameras. For most crimes, the main functions … Continue reading

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Four Things to Consider Before Choosing a CCTV System

Knowledge and Licensing are Important! Most states now have serious licensing guidelines to prevent consumer disappointment and abuses. The public is too often left unsatisfied, having to buy multiple systems in just a few years, because they insisted on the … Continue reading

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Myths and Truths about CCTV Systems-Part 2

Topic: Installing CCTV Systems              Myth:  Any handyman can install a CCTV system. Truth:  That is not a myth at all, at least in part. Broken down to its components of wire, connectors, cameras and Digital Video … Continue reading

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Busted on Camera Starting a Fire

Earlier this month, CCTV Services, Inc. surveillance cameras caught this perpetrator starting a fire in an apartment complex in Bronx, NY. This shot is taken as the man enters the elevator. The video below shows him leaving the elevator and walking through the lobby to … Continue reading

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Surveillance Sytsems Can Increase Annual Profits

Increased Security means Increased Annual Profits Surveillance systems aid in protecting businesses from employee theft and lack of productivity, which are both directly related to profit losses. Business owners are like police officers; When a driver spots a police car on the road, he/she … Continue reading

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