Viral Video: How to Stop a Massacre

Over a week ago, before the Colorado movie theatre massacre, reports surfaced on the web detailing how a 71 year-old man with a conceal & carry gun permit thwarted an armed robbery at a Florida Internet cafe. When @CCTV101 Tweeted out a link to a YouTube video containing the raw surveillance footage from the episode, the video had received less than a few thousand views. Since then, those numbers have skyrocketed to over 100,000.

In the original video, two armed assailants enter an Internet cafe waving their guns and terrorizing patrons. Without hesitation, 71 year-old, Samuel Williams draws his weapon and begins firing. The stunned assailants quickly scramble to the exits with Williams in tow, laying down a lethal spray of bullets. Discharging his firearm in accordance with Florida law, Williams was not charged in the incident.

With the shootings in Aurora Colorado sparking a national debate on gun control, that initial video has since been repackaged by to include dramatic music and effects, and was subsequently titled, “How to Stop a Massacre,” boasting 50,000 more views than its predecessor. Parody videos like, “Grandpa’s Got a Gun,” soon followed suit, and I expect that in all of its forms, the episode itself will garner many more millions of views; it is already making its rounds through the blogosphere on site’s like, and will no doubt serve as a political sticking point for gun control advocates.

How to Stop a Massacre:

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